Back From a Dark Seahawks Depression

Yes – It’s been 3 years since I’ve posted. I can only blame the deep Seahawks depression that comes with L’s on the stat-charts. In that time our team: got rid of Richard Sherman after he was injured trying to be a good team sport; did the same thing to Earl Thomas (probably the best Seahawk player ever to suit up); lost Kam Chancellor to injury; lost Doug Baldwin to injury (although I think he’s tough enough to come back from it – our coaches just don’t want him anymore); lost Cliff Avril to injury; sent Michael Bennett packing, and a whole bunch of other miseries that are too numerous to mention.  Oh yes, and our highest paid quarterback got married and had a daughter. Congrats to him.

So, what is there to look forward to? Not Ciara’s new haircut… just saying…

Well, we can be excited that our punter is the star of the team again! Yay Michael Dickson! Remember when it was the Seahawks special-teams led by punter Jon Ryan who helped the Seahawks get to the Superbowl? No joke read about it here. While having a cool as hell punter might not seem like much of a victory, I think it’s awesome. He is truly a God amongst men.

Michael Dickson
Picture courtesy of:

What else can we rave about? There are the Griffin twins – Shaquill and Shaquem. Not only do they have a good story, but they actually play well which is the most important part. I really think Shaquill Griffin will have a break-out year.

So what are your thoughts? Who can we be most excited about moving forward now that our Legion went KaBoom? Remember, this is a GOSSIP site. There is no effort made to check facts, and little effort made to report things accurately… we thrive on pure speculation and gut-feelings.


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