The Code

There are actually two codes that we use at, so maybe this page should be correctly titled The Code(s)…

First: advocates a code when dealing with Seahawks sightings in the wild. We believe that if the player or coach has on any Seahawks paraphernalia such as a hat, a shirt, a tie-pin, a Super Bowl ring (or two or three) then they are “free game” and are open for fans to come up and say hi, you’re so awesome, and maybe politely ask for a selfie. IF however, the player or coach is incognito (insert bad football-player joke here) then leave them alone. This goes triple if they are in their natural habitats (a.k.a. homes). Then of course, come and tell us about it so we can post the juicy details!


This site is designed to deliver information, news and gossip (a lot of gossip) about the Seattle Seahawks players, coaches, and organization. We don’t write about hard football news here. There are plenty of sites that write about football, and they probably do it better than we would anyway. We write about the world surrounding the Seahawks. What are their interests, their hobbies, their charities, and so forth. Think of as the society column of the football world.