Goodbye Bruuuuuce

bruce irvin and michael bennett
Source: @FanTalkATL/twitter

Free agency is sort of like being in elementary school and finding out that your best friend is moving to another state. Today the ‘Hawk family is finding out that Bruce Irvin is likely to sign with the Oakland Raiders.

Man I really love that man. He has ultimate style, see his sack celebration above with just his crossed arms and “chill” look. But more than that I think he really loved playing for the Seahawks. He was upset when they decided not to pick up his fifth year option. He even said he would take a “home town discount,” which is something he shouldn’t have to do. Our football family deserves everything they can get, because they have to think about their futures and their family’s future.

When he got after the Patriots at the end of Super Bowl 49, that’s the way I felt too. We are simpaticos in many ways. At least when it comes to wanting to kick some Patriot ass. I will really miss the way the crowd would yell, “Bruuuce,” after his big plays. Virtual hugs go out to Bruce Irvin today.