She Said YES! Ciara and Russell Engaged

We’ve all been watching the Russell Wilson and Ciara celebrity relationship since around April (ish) 0f 2015. We’ll now they are officially engaged. As of 12:38 Pacific Time on March 11, 2016  Russell and Ciara both posted this video of them celebrating their engagement. Looks like they had a romantic champagne dinner on the beach.

According to news reports Russell Wilson swept Ciara away after fashion week and took her to the Seychelles islands (in the Indian Ocean off of East Africa). He popped the question on “Honeymoon Beach.”

Russell says from day one he knew she was the one, meanwhile Ciara stated: “I Feel Complete” in her twitter posting.

Watch the video they posted above and check out the huge rock Ciara flaunts. And check out Russell Wilson’s scruff… can you say ‘off-season?’

You know what this means everyone: Royal Wedding. I can’t wait. I hope they have a huge shindig here in Seattle, but if past experience is any judge they will have a private, quiet affair.

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