John Moffitt Returns to Football


One of the funniest Real Rob Reports that I’ve watched is when John Moffitt is joking with Michael Robinson and Russell Wilson and “runs” down the hallway. John has a funny and sparkling personality. You can watch highlights of his Real Rob Report appearances here. I always wanted to buy one of his MoffMerch shirts which just screamed Seattle grunge,  but alas never got to them before things started to fall apart for John.

He was drafted by the Hawks in 2011, and started 15 games before he was traded to the Broncos in 2013. He played two games with that team before he abruptly retired. He claimed that he felt commoditized by the NFL system and he realized he was jeopardizing his long-term health. During his time away he missed the structure of his football life and fell into partying and drugs.

Well good news for fun-loving fans everywhere. John Moffitt is making his football comeback. He has rehabbed himself and hopefully has made a full recovery from his addition. I still want to get my MoffMerch shirts, so I am thrilled with the new outcome. I hope he comes back to the Hawks, purely for his entertaining personality!