Russell Wilson, Ciara on Stage with Taylor Swift

RussellWilson and TaylorSwiftSo I’m a little tired of hearing about Russell Wilson and Ciara. If I didn’t know better I would say they never have jobs because they are always doing fantastic things together. It could just be jealousy, but I have an honest reason for being worried too… I want Russell’s main focus to be football. Here is another example of their high-celeb style life as yesterday the pair made a cameo appearance on-stage with Taylor Swift during her 1989 concert tour stop at Century Link field. I hope that #1 is your prediction for the season Russell. Oh and by the way: matching outfits? What are we in middle school? At least I can amuse myself and assuage my burning jealousy by letting strains of I wear my sunglasses at night run through my head.

See the entire song below:

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