Percy Who? Slams Seahawks Receivers

Via: (AP)
Via: (AP)

So have you guys heard this one? On ESPN’s First Take our old friend/nemesis Percy Harvin spoke out about the “real” reason that he left the Seahawks. He said that he never felt welcomed or accepted by the Seahawks. He said, “When I went to Seattle a lot of those receivers, um kind of took me as a threat, rather than accepting me as a teammate.” He said he particularly had an altercation with Doug (Baldwin), and that he wanted to “handle it man to man.”

Doug Baldwin on the other hand, had a very professional response. In his Training Camp Day 6 press conference, he said that he had heard the comments by Percy and that he didn’t realize that he still felt that way as he thought that they had “squashed it before he left.”

The best article on the issue though is at They cite Danny O’Neil, a “long time beat writer in Seattle” who spoke out on 710 ESPN to say that Harvin charged towards a teammate (presumably Doug) shouting obscentities and the coaches had to pull him away. Harvin then came back a second time and the two had a physical fight before being escorted off the premises. This was just before last year’s final preseason game against Oakland.

Way to handle it man-to-man Percy Who. Sounds more to me like you were a prima donna who got her panties in a bunch when she wasn’t treated like a “star”. So what do you think about the incident, who is to blame/thank for Percy leaving Seattle?

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