Somebody Called the Police on BamBam Kam Chancellor

Do you all know Kam Chancellor, aka “sexy-looking flying man” that was seen jumping over the Carolina Panther’s entire offensive line in 2014? Well, apparently not everyone knows who he is, as two women reportedly called the police on the well-known star.

The incident happened at the Redmond Athletic Club on March 2, 2016 in Redmond, Washington. According to statements Kam made on Twitter, he was looking to purchase the club, but when he arrived to get information it was closed. He knocked on the window and that small action caused the women working inside to call the police on “sexy-looking flying man.” They told the police that Kam was potentially trying to rob them. The police responded to the call.

These events are a complete embarrassment to the city of Redmond and the entire Puget Sound. I know I seem to be making light of the story, but in truth I am sorry that Kam Chancellor had to put up with the police being called on him. You can read some of his tweets about the incident below: