Are Russell Wilson and Ciara Engaged?

So rumors have been swirling for some months, at least since December, that Russell Wilson and Ciara are secretly engaged. I have been asked to get to the bottom of these rumors and here is what I can tell you.

No, they are not CURRENTLY engaged, that doesn’t mean they won’t be soon. According to this news source, parties close to the couple say they talk about their future together. Ciara herself has said that they are taking things “One day at a time,” and that there’s “no pressure.”

Recently the rumor mill is churning over the idea that Russell might be asking Ciara to be his wife for Valentine’s day, but again these are just unsubstantiated rumors at this point. Ciara says, “You’d have to ask the guy that.”

I can say that I am glad the “Ciara curse” controversy is going away. Ciara always had nice things to say about Russell. She calls him “hardworking,” and “driven.” I can say from the interviews I’ve seen of her, she always seems kind and supportive. She seems to try and do her best not to be a distraction to Russell or the Hawks.

Check out her interview after singing the National Anthem at the College Football Championship game.

Here is also a short video of her and Russell at the Pro Bowl together two weeks ago. Notice how he puts her hand on her back? What a sweet couple they are turning into.

Personally I wouldn’t mind if they wait to get engaged. They have only been dating (publicly) since about July. They both have busy, hectic, demanding schedules. I imagine they might need some more time before they really know if they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. What do you think about the relationship?


Update 02/20/2016: As of 02/17/2016 there is still no engagement as Ciara spoke with E! News and waved away engagement rumors by showing her ringless finger. Watch the video of the interview here. It seems pretty clear to me that there isn’t any secrecy going on. Russell hasn’t asked her yet.

Update 03/11/2016: It’s official, they’re engaged! Both Russell and Ciara posted a video today celebrating their engagement. See the news here.