Crowd Sourcing Russell Wilson’s $$$

Source: Mike Morris/flickr
Source: Mike Morris/flickr

I’m not really sure how I feel about this one. There is a GoFundMe page set up for Russell Wilson to keep him in Seattle. According to the page, the campaign manager, Tim Pennoyer, wants the 12’s to act as a sponsor for Russell (similar to his current contracts with Gillette, Alaska Air etc.). There have already been 48 people who have pledged donations to the campaign in the last 13 days (at the time this is being written). The ultimate goal is to try to raise $5 million in contributions. Seeing the button there I can’t help but want to pledge $12 also.

I really want Russell to stay in Seattle. I think he is great for this team, but more importantly I think he is great for this community. He always has an inspiring and positive attitude. I can’t remember anything more touching in sports than when he was crying after the NFC Championship game against Green Bay. It just shows his passion, drive, and true spirit.

I am, however, conflicted over this campaign because I feel like it is the team’s responsibility to pay Russell what he deserves. It’s more about the respect that he should have as the best quarterback in the NFL, than it is about the price tag. IF the team doesn’t fork over the dough (and I think they will eventually) then it doesn’t matter how the fans feel… I think Russell will leave. I hope that I’m wrong and this is all paranoia based upon too long of an off season.

Now I think I have a GoFundMe page to visit. Don’t you?

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