Did Russell Wilson Cheat on His Wife?

Source: mccullum_theresa/flickr

In April 2014, Russell Wilson filed for divorce from his wife of two years Ashton Meem. Rumors circulated that Meem had an affair with Golden Tate. Tate later strongly denied these accusations, but rumors still circulate about the whole incident.

Here is my take on the story: Russell Wilson was the one who cheated. I know, it is painful to hear and I love Russell as much as the next girl. My crack source on this story? My mom who, with no special knowledge, said, “men are always the ones that cheat.” In this case I believe her. Let me tell you why.

First, Russell Wilson was starting to become a big deal. He had just won Super Bowl XLVIII (Feb. 2, 2014). The season before that he had taken the Hawks to the playoffs as a rookie. The then 25-year-old apparently went on a victory tour after the Super Bowl. The next day he was seen at a Nets game possibly “flirting” with Beyoncé. That same night he had an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman where he said that he had been hanging out with Macklemore. Of course these things are normal for a Super Bowl winning quarterback, but it strikes me as odd that the divorce was filed only two months later.

Second, Russell Wilson has been seen dating multiple women for short periods of time. Currently he is dating Ciara, but their relationship might be on the rocks. Before that he was sending sexy, playful tweets to model Melody Rae. A month before that was the rumor he was dating internet model “SnowPhat“. In July 2014 (three  months after his divorce) he was seen flirting with Olympian Lolo Jones.

Third, Russell Wilson didn’t seem that upset about his divorce. The announcement was released to the press on April 23, 2014, but both before and after that Russell’s twitter feed doesn’t really seem to change much. For example on March 23, 2014 he wrote, “Woke up this morning so blessed and excited for the day and life! Thank you Jesus for loving me always and forever!” and on April 18, 2014 “God is so good!!! All the time.” April 26, 2014: “Greater is coming! #GodIsGood”

Fourth, after the announcement Russell had some pretty cryptic tweets, May 22, 2014: “@MaxUnger60 @Seahawks haha trying to call me and say… ‘Uhh Russ.. Where are you going BUD!?'” (I’m not sure if this is literal or figurative. It was the day after the White House visit).   May 25, 2014 “I’m starting with the man in the mirror! I’m asking him to change his ways!….

Russell Wilson tweeted, “What determines a man’s legacy is often what isn’t seen.” So what do you think? Is Russell Wilson a player or does he think there’s: #NoTime2SleepWithOtherPeople


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  1. You may well be correct. In North Carolina there were many posts from those who knew them both in college days. They stated that Russell had a long history of cheating. He always promised to do better and Ashton always forgave. In college Russell had her making videos promoting his sports talents. Ashton actually had posted tweets to the effect that her dogs were the only ones that cuddled with her- the pause seemed to indicate that she knew her husband was elsewhere with another woman. He must have paid her well to keep quiet. While everyone commented on posts of her possible cheating the posts that questioned him were pretty well buried on page 28 or so of the google search. Originally I dismissed the postings. The posters pretty well predicted the contract issues and how Russell would handle them. They also pretty well predicted that at 3 years he would replace his agent because that was his mode of operation. As long as Ashton stays silent we will never know for sure.


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