Richard Sherman Likes to Gamble


Many of us (me, myself, and I) like to follow Richard Sherman for the brash and carefree image he presents. Turns out that that image isn’t just for show. It seems our favorite risk-taker on the field is our favorite risk-taker off the field also. Seahawks Gossip has learned through a confidential source that Richard Sherman likes to visit a local Seattle casino (not naming names) at least once a week. Added to that is the frequent (at least from his social media feeds) visits to Las Vegas. I’m not a girl to criticize when someone wants to spend their hard earned money, and even when some people might call him a gambling addict – I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon. I think it’s pretty cool that he likes to hang out and have a good time. I think it is even cooler that according to sources he is happy to talk to fans who happen to see him out and about.

Update: According to sources his game-of-chance game-of-choice is craps. That’s right RS25 likes to roll the dice.

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