Jermaine Kearse Is Getting Married

Jermaine Kearse is one of my favorite players. At one of my jobs I worked with a person whose son was Jermaine’s close personal friend. This was the same time that Jermaine was undrafted, then signed, then released, then re-signed by the Seahawks. I remember tweeting a dozen times a day to the Hawks and coach Carroll to ask them to please sign Jermaine. Every time he had a big play, I would hit social media to let the world know how great he is.

Given my obvious crush on the man, it is my sad duty to report that he said in a recent radio interview that he is getting married. His fiancé’s name is Maria Ventura and she also attended UW. She is currently a model… poor Jermaine… he’ll never know what he’s missing out on.


Seriously though, all teasing aside, congratulations to the future groom and bride.

Update: According to reports, the wedding occurred on July 17, 2015. Congrats!