Seahawks Training Camp Registration Coming Soon

Bing Training Camp2If you want to go sit on the berm to watch a Seahawks practice, you will soon have your chance. That is if you register early. Seahawks Training Camp – presented by Bing – will be coming starting July 31st. Registration begins June 25th. That’s this Thursday. And space fills up fast – make that super-fast. Wake up early on Thursday – seriously.

Last year my kids and I went to this and I have a few tips for you. (That’s my kids in the picture!)

First: Try to book the first practice of the year when the players are still psyched to see the fans. We went to the last practice and I think they were mostly tired of crazy fans shouting at them all practice long. They were good sports (pun intended) but you’ll probably have a better chance at getting an autograph or face time with a player if you attend the practice on July 31st.

Second: Even though this is a free event, bring your wallets. You have to pay for the shuttle service which goes from the Landing to the VMAC. There was also a “Sports Authority” booth outside of the facility selling jerseys, autograph books, collector’s footballs etc. for a small fortune. Plus concessions – you get the point.

Third: Arrive early. My family was actually a little late and even though we could still get on a shuttle, all the good seating area down by the corner of the berm was filled up. You may want to bring binoculars if you have them. Plus something to sit on.

Fourth: If you bring kids bring something for them to do. One or two players might come by to give autographs, but don’t count on it. There is a lot of down time. They do have “activities” but my kids found them pretty lame – as in companies trying to get your business by giving your kids a free sticker lame. My kids got so bored we broke open one of the souvenir footballs and started tossing it around. This year I hear Russell Wilson will interview two fans each training camp, but again chances you’ll be picked are pretty slim. (There is a free football camp for kids ages 7-14 on August 5th and 12th after practice, so that might be fun.)

Fifth: You’ll be spending all day outside. Plan appropriately for the sun (and or rain). Port-a-potties. Need I say more?

I’ve probably made training camp sound pretty awful now, but it’s not. It was fun. I just want you to be prepared so that you can make the most out of your visit.