Ciara in Love With Tom Brady – WHAT?

Wilson and Ciara - Getty

Hello Russell Wilson fans,

My heart is bleeding for our favorite quarterback today. Apparently after the Patriots beat the Ravens in the AFC Division game on January 10, 2015, Ciara posted a video rant about how much she loved (rep’ed) Tom Brady, “all day, every day.” Russell Wilson was asked about this during his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the video below for his reaction.

Do I think Russell Wilson and Ciara actually fought over this? No. I think professional sports players take “fandom” with a grain of salt. They know that people, even celebrities, pick favorite players based upon a false image. It has nothing to do with their true personalities.

More than that, I am kind of on the page of Wendy Williams when she says she thinks Russell Wilson and Ciara aren’t really a legit couple. Ciara is good for Russell Wilson’s image (to put down those “not black enough” rumors). Russell Wilson is good for Ciara’s image (having to do with moving on from her ex). I think they might be seeing each other in a casual way. In my mind it is more about perception than reality.

BUT, I do think this is an awkward moment for him. To have his “girlfriend” be publicly seen supporting his recent nemesis… yuck. Russell Wilson portrays himself as someone who doesn’t let things worry him, but with all the stress he likely has this year (after losing the Super Bowl and all these contract talk questions) this is one more distraction he doesn’t need. It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t “break-up” soon (if you can break up with someone you were never really dating).

On a side note: I wish Russell Wilson didn’t seem so awkward answering personal questions. Yes he went to a private school, that’s not a bad thing. I wish he would just admit to himself that he may not be accepted by those people who think that in order to be black you have to have an inner-city background. (See his answer to the “not black enough” question).  Plus I wish he would find a nice girl (Ciara or someone else) and take it out of the media spotlight. His awkwardness in answering makes me cringe every time I see it.