Russell Wilson Contract

Via: Twitter/Dangerusswilson
Via: Twitter/Dangerusswilson

Big, big news today. Our favorite signal caller, play-action passer, QB rusher, deep-ball threat and all around good guy Russell Wilson tweeted out (at 6:54 a.m. Pacific Time) that he had agreed to a contract with the Seahawks for another four years.

As you may or may not know, I like to focus on off-the-field stuff here at SeahawksGossip. I do enjoy the on-the-field stuff, but I find that there are enough blogs that cover that sort of information. This however, is too big of news to pass up. Reports say that Wilson will make $87.6 million for the next four years. At $21.9 mil per year that puts him slightly behind A-Rod who makes $22 mil a year (Aaron Rodgers that is, not that other a-hole). Big Ben (Roethlisberger) is third now making $21.85 mil per year.

I think some of the most startling news for the sports world though, is the fact that $60 million of those $87.6 million are guaranteed dollars. That is definitely a win for the Wilson camp, as it is the largest (based upon the percentage of his total contract at 68.5%) guaranteed money in the league. Of course we have faith in Russ that he will still perform at his peak, and will remain, God willing, injury free, so that is a big win for fans too. We want our QB to be recognized for his greatness so long as it doesn’t impact the team overall.

The fact that this is a four-year deal is a little worrisome to me. It means that the next contract will come around after the 2019 season, when our QB-extraordinaire will be only 30. He will, obviously, have four more great seasons, so that means we might be in for another long round of contract talks soon.

I’m a little worried about how this news will affect the rest of the team though. Kam Chancellor is only the 11th highest paid safety in the league at $4.55 mil per year and it’s been reported that he might be a training camp hold-out. Perhaps the mantra of “team first” isn’t sounding so sweet to him and a few of the other guys with contract issues right now. I guess we’ll have to wait until later after training camp today, to find out.

Overall though, I’m thrilled this distraction is over with and we can start some football. It is no accident that training camp starts today as there were reports that Russ’s side was going to set aside talks until next off-season if a deal wasn’t hammered out by today. That lets us get a good FOOTBALL fix today!

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