Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game – The Scoop

IMG_0362I got to attend an awesome event that I shared with thousands of other Seahawk and Richard Sherman fans. Yesterday (July 19, 2015) was Richard Sherman’s annual Celebrity Softball Game benefiting his charity, Blanket Coverage. As some of you know, I received tickets for my family to go through his nomination process. It was a blast, and I thought I would share the inside scoop with you!

I should start by mentioning the day was super-hot for Seattle. It was 96°F and was even hotter for the players. I heard it announced that it felt like 120° on the turf of Safeco, but that seems like a bit of a stretch. Kudos to the participants for making the effort for charity. Lucky for my family we were up high and got shaded by the partial roof. We were, however, right behind home plate, so we still had an excellent view of the field. We mostly relaxed and the Famous Garlic Fries ’till our stomachs hurt.

(If you go next year, you can only bring empty bottles for water, but they DO have water fountains which we found out after we purchased two $5 bottles of water).

The events started with a home-run derby won by who else but Russell Wilson with 4 homeruns. Russ stuck around to bat, but then had to rush off to go to his Passing Academy camp. That man has been super busy this week, going from the ESPYS, to the Kid’s Choice Awards, to this softball game, and then the camp.

After the homerun derby, the first up to bat was Richard Sherman who started things off by hitting a homer. It was probably one of the most exciting plays of the day.

Things moved a little slowly after that, but it was a nice relaxed pace. One of the things I liked was that the crowd wasn’t intense and crazy. There was cheering for both teams, and it felt like a sunny afternoon with thousands of my closest friends.  There were news crews there interviewing all of the players (on the bases even). They made things more lively and fun.

Many of the celebrities involved have ties to the Seattle area. I won’t name them all because I don’t remember them, but you can find a list here if you want. Some of the highlights were when Brian McKnight was asked out of the blue to serenade the crowd which he did by singing a few lines of “Back at One (for Boys)”. There was also a proposal on the field by Brent Abrams of Kiel Mortgage, who said he just wanted to make his special day more special.

Two of the best Seahawks related moments though, were when a Kiro 7 reported asked Cary Williams (the new corner taking over for Byron Maxwell) if a pass he had intercepted from Tom Brady was deflated. Cary replied with a grinning, “no comment.”

The other best Seahawks moment, and my favorite moment of the whole day, came when the reported asked Brandon Browner about who was the better crowd, the 12’s or Whodat Nation (referring to the New Orleans Saints). Browner replied with a generic answer, about them both having qualities, but then he followed up his comments with, “When my contract is over in New Orleans, bring me back!” The crowd gave a big cheer, and I was loudly adding my own voice because, quite frankly, I’ve missed Brandon really badly. He was a founding member of the Legion of Boom, and I want to get the band back together again.

The game finished off with Marshawn Lynch making his first appearance on the field in the 7th inning to more deafening crowd noise. He was apparently the captain of the green team, and Richard Sherman was captaining the blue team. Marshawn ended up scoring the winning run for the green team, closing out the game. This is the second time in the same week that Marshawn and Russ have appeared at the same event. Maybe the (possibly imaginary) fences are mending between the two?

Truly I didn’t care much about what happened on the field. It was fun to see the Seahawks players and others out there goofing off, having fun and just enjoying the day. I know I had a blast and will have to put the event on my list of to-do’s for next year too. THANK YOU Richard Sherman for having my family out and making it such a wonderful event.