Rolling Stones Article Sheds Light on the “Real” Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson Rolling Stones
Via: Rolling Stones and Mark Seliger

So, if you haven’t read the article you’ve probably seen the news features about Russell Wilson and his pseudo-medical claims about his “Recovery Water.” Here’s your tip of the day: Go read the article!

The picture on the left leads the article off with a bang. And while I was asking myself why Russell Wilson was fingering his nipple, I actually got some good/new information about the dude. For example: I didn’t know that his dad lost his law license while Russ was in high school. I didn’t know that Russ saw himself as barely fitting into his preppy high school because he wasn’t as affluent as his peers. (I feel your pain Russ).

I don’t know if this was the point, but the article actually had me feeling a bit sorry for Russell Wilson. It seems like the man is on a very controlled life-path, as if every moment is scripted (either by God or by Russ himself). There is a quote by Ciara that says, “the thing about Russell is he’s real,” but in my view the writer is implying exactly the opposite. The thing is it seems that Russ is so focused on this one “perfect” way to behave that he actually buys into his own image. I don’t think that is a healthy way to be.

I would like to see Russell Wilson be himself, if that is crying after the Hawks beat Green Bay or something else, just be real. I wait to see those unscripted moments of his. I have to remind myself that Russ is still pretty young and when he gets older he might become a little bit more balanced when it comes to what he expects out of life.

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