Percy Who? Just Won’t Go Away

Via: (AP)
Via: (AP)

So, I’ve already made my thoughts known on this Percy Harvin business, but the man just won’t go away. In an interview with Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News, Harvin has doubled-down on his comments he made to ESPN’s First Take two weeks ago. First, Harvin confirmed the fight with Doug Baldwin and said that part of what caused Harvin’s irritation is comments that Baldwin (among others) said when talking to media. The Seahawks receivers, rightly so, maintained an image implying that they didn’t need Percy Harvin to be great. This apparently got under Harvin’s skin and he started to complain to coaches and players about it.

Listen, the Seahawks receiving group managed to play an excellent season in 2013 without Harvin to mess things up. Harvin miraculously is healed by the time the Super Bowl comes around and is heralded as the “savior” of the Seahawks. That would get under anyone’s skin. Harvin seems to have believed the hype about himself and failed to realize that the Seahawks really would be okay (better even) without him. Instead of being understanding about the fact that the press was hammering the receiving group and making them thrive on an underdog mentality, Harvin chose to take issue with it. Obviously Harvin doesn’t care to understand other people (which may be among a handful of other issues such as arrogance, anger problems and on and on).

Meanwhile, Golden Tate, had pretty complimentary and kind things to say about Harvin easily getting past Harvin’s comments that implied Tate and Baldwin were jealous of him (Harvin).

What do you think? Who was to blame for the tension in the wide-receiver room?

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