Marshawn Lynch Hangs Up His Cleats

Marshawn Lynch announced he was retiring on Febuary 7, 2016 in the most Beastmode of ways. As his Pepsi ad says, he doesn’t like to talk much, so he just used a picture of Seahawk green cleats hanging over a telephone wire along with a “peace sign” emoji.

He of course managed to make a huge statement without saying a word, since the tweet was posted during the Super Bowl. Maybe he felt a little melancholy that he wasn’t playing IN the Super Bowl – Like the rest of us Hawks fans.

If you’re wondering if this sort of subjective picture means he is actually retiring, the answer is yes. You can read about it here if you want. Other players have already offered him their retirement regards on twitter, like this touching video from the Seahawks organization.

Seriously, thinking about Marshawn Lynch retiring makes me want to cry. I will miss him (and not just for his thighs – although I will miss those too). He brought a style of football to the Seahawks organization. We became powerful and tough BECAUSE he was on our team. That is truly what they mean by leading with actions not words.

There is already a feud going on about if Marshawn is Hall of Fame worthy. Seriously!? It’s not even about the yards, it’s about the icon that is Beastmode. Get a grip and get the man a golden blazer.

All-in-all though. I really wish he wouldn’t retire. History remembers the people who push past the hardships and the haters. Lynch has done that all of his career. I know he had a hard recovery from his surgery, but he would really show the true mettle of Beastmode if he were able to play on.

What do you think about Lynch retiring?

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