Russell Wilson’s Hair… Please Someone Help!

Via: YouTube/1jzo
Via: YouTube/1jzo

Has anyone else noticed the atrocity sitting atop Russell Wilson’s head recently? I’m not sure what to call his hairstyle. I’m thinking mohawk, but that might be insulting to cool mohawks everywhere. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t think it is very flattering on him.

The man does have a somewhat odd hairline, so I understand it might be tough to find something flattering, but surely, even with his paltry salary these past three years, he can find a stylist to help him out.

Here he was looking quite nice when he took Ciara to the White House.

Via: Getty
Via: Getty

And even his “shaggy” playoff/Super Bowl look is better!

Via: YouTube/myhome
Via: YouTube/myhome

Regardless, I hope he finds his hair-gel again soon!

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