Going to Richard Sherman’s Celebrity Softball Game? I Am!

Via: RichardSherman25.com
Via: RichardSherman25.com

Who’s going to a softball game? I’m going to a softball game. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Yours truly has been selected to go to the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game as a guest of The Blanket Coverage Foundation.

The Story: Since I routinely spend my entire day surfing for Seahawks info to keep my readers up to date on all the goings on, I realized that Richard Sherman had a nomination form to nominate deserving folks for free tickets to go to his game. I think it was only open for one day, so it was a last minute thing. Anyway I decided to nominate my dad, who for reasons I won’t mention here, is a very deserving individual. Low and behold, he was actually selected! But he couldn’t go. So he asked if I could go in his place.

I spoke with the guy at the Blanket Coverage foundation and told him that I didn’t want to take tickets away from someone else. He said that everyone was deserving in their own way, and my dad wanted me to have the tickets. So of course…. YES, I’m going!

I will keep you updated if I get any inside scoop, and of course I will post any good pics I have when I get back.

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