Russell Wilson and Ciara Not Having Sex – God Told Him Not To!

Via: YouTube/1jzo
Via: YouTube/1jzo

You all already know that I was convinced Russell Wilson and Ciara aren’t a real couple. Well, yesterday (July 5, 2015) in a public interview with pastor Miles McPherson at The Rock church in San Diego Russell states that he and Ciara are practicing abstinence in accordance with his well-known religious views.

I found the interview, which you can watch below, to be truly heartfelt and honest. It seemed as if Russell was a bit embarrassed to be sharing the personal details of his relationship (who wouldn’t be?). I found it to be a bit over-the-top when he was explaining how God told him to “lead” Ciara (it also seems to be a bit chauvinistic to me, but I’m not going to judge based on just one statement).

Oddly enough, I think this newest gossip regarding Russell and Ciara’s relationship actually supports the idea that they are a legit couple. If you’ve followed my blog for any time, you know I also believe that Russell cheated on his ex-wife. Part of my reasoning in that post was something Russell said about having to forgive the man in the mirror. I think Russell is trying to become a better person, and this may be part of the journey.  It also explains the hesitancy that they show when interacting and touching each other as explained by Wendy Williams.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think. Is this a heartfelt confession about a blossoming relationship, or is it a continuing media ploy?

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